The Outlet at Marketing Matters

Welcome to THE OUTLET.  From time to time, we make mistakes. YIKES!  And when we do, our loss is your gain.  You can find extra pieces from past fundraisers here in very select sizes, colors, apparel items.  Here are the rules:

  • All items are final sale.
  • They are only available in the sizes, color, logo, etc that is pictured.  No custom orders available.
  • They are ready to go.  Already printed, no need to wait for an end date.
  • Pay for shipping to get direct to your order.
  • Select PICKUP, only if you are willing to come to our location in Springville to pick up. We will not meet you for these items.
  • You do not need to be affiliated with the fundraiser in the past to purchase one of these items, unless otherwise noted.

    Enjoy!  Glad these "unplanned errors" can find a good home!

    Sale price $ 8.00 Regular price $ 12.00 Sale
    Sale price $ 10.00 Regular price $ 15.00 Sale
    Sale price $ 28.00 Regular price $ 32.00 Sale
    Sale price $ 7.00 Regular price $ 10.00 Sale
    Sale price $ 7.00 Regular price $ 10.00 Sale