Terms and Conditions


Due to the recent cancellations or rescheduling of school practices/events, we felt it necessary to update our Terms to include information for this specific time.

We are working with current team/group sales that are active.  But want you to know how things will be handled.

If you place an order and want to cancel you MUST DO SO BEFORE THE END DATE OF YOUR FUNDRAISER.  Once the end date has passed and the items are ordered no refunds can be given.

If the group decides to suspend the fundraiser BEFORE THE END DATE, we will give everyone a full refund.  That refund will be made to the card or account that payment was made.  The time it takes to get back into your account depends greatly on the institution and can take up to one week.

Because of Covid Safety Guidelines, we can not offer exchanges at this time.

If you have questions or concerns about this policy please call our office at (812) 275-2787.


Group fundraisers are always given to the coordinator.  This person is named on the front page of the fundraiser and also on the Order Status Page.  If you have paid for shipping, we will ship items after the coordinator has received their items. 

All items that may be defective or wrong from your original order must be submitted within 2 weeks from the date the merchandise was delivered to the coordinator.  This date is located on the order status page.

Because of the custom nature of fundraisers, we cannot offer refunds, returns or exchanges of merchandise that doesn’t fit or you don’t like the color.  HOWEVER, if you wish to reorder because of this reason, and mention that when ordering, we can offer you a discount on the second purchased item.   This must be done within two weeks of the delivery date.  Which is located on the order status page.

If you have issues, please direct those to Marketing Matters.  You can call our office at (812) 275-2787 or email us at dana@marketingmat.com.  Please do not use FB or other social media platforms for this, as it might delay your message.



Refunds will be accepted up to 30 days after purchase.  This date starts from date of purchase. 

The cost of the merchandise, minus original shipping costs, will be credited if a refund is offered.  If the product is for exchange, we will need to receive the old product before shipping new product at the expense of the consumer.  Unless otherwise noted by management. 

We can only offer refunds or exchanges on items from a smoke free environment, with the original product still in good condition. (no rips, tears, over laundered, etc).

If the item was filled incorrectly from the original order or the item is defective, we will return regardless, within the 30 day window.  And minus the original shipping costs.

Orders will be printed and shipped within 3-5 business days from the date of the order.  This does not count shipping transit times or if there are stock issues with the item.

Customer will be informed of stock issues, with other options provided.  If a solution can not be found a refund will be issued in the full amount of the product invoice.