Repurposed Authentic Bourbon Barrel Lid Sign

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These barrels come straight from the bourbon distillery.  We sand them and rework the top.  Then we engrave your information in them and fill with black paint.  We polycoat after than, unless you are using for a wedding guest book.  Those you will seal on your own after they have been signed.

Each barrel is unique.  They have uneven places and gaps due to the nature of the barrel lid being curved.  They come with a cross bar piece of wood to hold them together, but do not have hanging hardware so that you can choose how to display.

Right now we have 2 designs to choose from.  We will add more in the future and you can decide to keep the original distillery stamp or sand it off for a more uniform look.  The stamp is not always in center of lid.  So plan your design accordingly.

Barrel lids are approximately 21 inches in diameter, but will vary slightly.

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